How I got started: Step by step deployment Quickstart

The most important step when you want to start blogging is to actually get something up and running and just start writing. This may not be the best approach for everyone but I wanted to self-host and learn some code along with having the blog running. So here's how I got started:

  1. Get project from GitHub
  2. Unzip and open in Visual Studio
  3. Go to BlogEngine.NET>Web.Config
  4. Do these steps in Web.Config to set SQL Server as data source
  5. Go to Azure and create a new Db under the databases blade
  6. Go to Web Apps and create a new Web App. Don’t pick any templates, just a blank Web App
  7. Go to the properties of the Web App and find Data Connections
  8. In Data Connections add a connection to the database you created in step 5. When you get to pick a name for the connection string call it BlogEngine. If you followed the steps in 4 correctly, that’s what the project will be configured to find.
  9. Go to where you unzipped your project in 2 and go to BlogEngine.NET-master\BlogEngine.NET-master\BlogEngine\BlogEngine.NET\setup\SQLServer
  10. Open Setup.sql in Notepad and copy all the SQL statements
  11. Go to Server explorer pane in Visual Studio and login to your Azure account then go to your Db and right-click select open in SQL Server Object Explorer
  12. Alternatively you can get the connection string to your db from Azure and connect to it from SQL Server Management Studio(installed as separate software)
  13. Right click the Db and select New Query
  14. Paste all the SQL copied from 10 and Run them
  15. Go back to Visual Studio and right click the solution then select Rebuild Solution
  16. Right Click BlogEngine.NET in the projects and select Publish
  17. Select Microsoft Azure App Service
  18. In the prompt select the website you created in 6
  19. Keep all the defaults and just click Next through all the wizard till you get to the Publish selection
  20. Click Publish and wait for it to finish. When it completes it will automatically navigate to the published web page in your default browser and you should see the home screen with 1 post called Welcome to BlogEngine.NET using Microsoft SQL Server
  21. Login from the top right using Username: admin and Password: admin
  22. Go to Profile(which is the person icon in the top of the menu) and change your password
  23. Go to Custom and pick a theme you like and apply that
  24. Go to Settings and under Basic put your info to make the blog yours