Microsoft Azure Certification 70-532 Resources

I've decided to document my progress towards getting my 70-532 certification. My thought process is as follows:

"That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially." - Karl Pearson

Through this blog I will be holding myself accountable for taking and reporting these steps towards getting the certification. I'll blog about the things I completed, what resources I used, and post any examples I build if the resources I used were insufficient on the topic.

When learning anything the first obvious step is to gather the learning resources. All the blog posts and videos I've seen recommended doing 2 things to get ready. First they recommended getting the list of things I will be tested on and putting them down as a checklist, then going through the items 1 by 1 and learning them. The second recommendation was to use more than one resource as a reference per topic.

First and foremost, the list I need to go through is here: under Skills Measured. This list also has a recommended resources section which is also a good place to get started on every topic. I've put this list on OneNote to tackle bit by bit and keep track of what I've finished.

Free resources I will be using:




Blog Posts

Official Documentation

The official documentation is a fantastic resource that also lists more resources so definitely worth going to when one gets stuck.